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Bail Bondsmen Can Save Money On Google Adwords PPC By Using Negative Keyword Lists

Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to generate a lot of traffic to your website. With PPC campaigns you instantly appear on the top of search engines, you can appear on websites that have Adsense installed, and even show up on mobile devices with your ads. While PPC campaigns can be one of the most effective ways to generate sales, leads, and traffic for your website there are a lot of pitfalls as well.

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make when using PPC campaigns is to throw money away by generating traffic from users who simply will never be buying your product or service. Without utilizing a negative keyword list you are potentially advertising to a lot of people that are not interested in your service.

The first thought many have are, “well, I am only paying if the actually click on my ad right? Why would they click an ad if they are not interested?” While it is true that you are only paying for every click, there are a lot of times that the clicks you receive are from traffic that is not looking to purchase a service.

Imagine you have a small carpet cleaning business and one of the keywords you are targeting is “carpet cleaners. Without a negative keyword list someone who searches “carpet cleaner jobs” may see your ad as well and think that you are a carpet cleaner who has job openings. This could result in a click (an expensive one) but that person will never be interested in hiring your company; they’re just looking for a job.

Creating a negative keyword list can help you save money on PPC campaigns by keeping unwanted traffic from seeing your ads. Some common negative keyword lists you should make are:

  • For job seekers – Set a negative keyword for terms like “job, hiring, intern, and career”.
  • For education seekers – Set negative keywords for “education, training, seminar, and course” (unless you provide these services, of course).

Ultimately you want to utilize your negative keywords to ensure that the traffic making it to your site are potential buyers. Not sure which negative keywords are best for your business?

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