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A Re-Examination of Paid Search Best Practices

As the paid search and marketing world changes, so too must the best practices opinions change. By definition, best practices are those most highly recommended tips, tricks and procedures resulting from repeated use by the experts in the field. They are based on the...

What is Pay-Per-Click?

What is Pay-Per-Click? The idea of selling search ads was initiated by GoTo in 1998. Search results could be bought at a very cheap rate of one or two pennies per ads click. Presently, this type of system has become one of the most competitive marketplaces across the...
Your Adwords Account Reviewed By Our Experts

“Our experts will review every aspect of your Adwords campaign to find wasted spend and missed opportunities. Our fully Google accredited team has tested over 1.4 million ad clicks in the last year, so you can be sure that our analysis of your campaign will find your lost money.”