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How To Save Money On Your Bail Bond Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the most cost efficient ways to generate new leads, web traffic, and sales from your online presence is through pay per click advertising. Also known as PPC advertising, PPC campaigns are unique compared to other advertising models because you only pay when someone actually clicks on your link and visits your website. Because Adwords allows you to control your ad spend, you have complete control over how much money you put into a campaign, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to save money on your pay per click advertising.

Focus On Quality Score

For every keyword and landing page that you have in your campaign, you have a quality score. By increasing your quality score you can increase the position your ad ranks amongst competitors and, if the quality score is high enough, you can even lower the cost that you have to pay for each click. To raise your quality score here are a few things you should do:

  • Create compelling, call-to-action oriented ad copy to increase click through rate (CTR).
  • Match the content on your landing page to fit with the content on your ad (especially keywords).
  • Remove keywords that have a low quality score (5 or below).

Use Negative Keywords

The negative keyword feature in Adwords is a way to keep certain searches from displaying your advertisement. This is very important because there are many times you may be focusing a keyword but the traffic from a similar search may not actually be from someone who is likely to convert. If run a high-end custom tailoring business for businessmen and are targeting the keyword “tailors” you probably do not want someone who is searching for “cheap tailors for prom”. Excluding terms like “cheap”, “jobs”, and “training” can help eliminate non-converting clicks.

Ask An Expert

If you are not sure if your campaign is optimized, your best option may be to consult an expert. Using the free Pay Per Click Advertising Audit on our website will give you the chance to have industry experts look at your Adwords campaign and see exactly where you are going wrong.

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