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Save Money On Bail Bond Pay Per Click Advertising With Landing Page Optimization

With any PPC campaign, one of the most focused on topics is with the clickthrough rates, Quality Score, conversions, keywords, and other things that are controlled directly in Adwords itself. While optimizing your Adwords campaign is extremely important, even the most optimized campaign will simply waste money if the landing page that it is linking is not optimized. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind with your pay per click advertising campaigns to ensure the landing page is optimized and actually make leads, sales, and revenue:

Understand What Your Visitors Are Supposed To Do

Before you can optimize your landing page for your PPC traffic you need to determine exactly what you want that traffic to do. Do you want them to download a PDF after they sign up to a newsletter? Are they supposed to be directly purchasing a membership or product? Determining what the user is supposed to do will allow you to optimize the landing page content and match it to the PPC ad copy.

Be Very Cautious About Linking To Your Homepage

One of the most common mistakes that people make with their Adwords campaigns is to direct all of their traffic to their homepage. If you do this and your homepage is not set up to make it easy for a visitor to know what to do next, they are most likely going to hit the back button and click on another site. Your ad URL should go to a landing page that you want your visitors to be on; eliminate the need for them to navigate by themselves.

Create Multiple Landing Pages

About 20% of all businesses on Adwords send their traffic to a single landing page with every keyword and campaign. If you have multiple keyword groups you should create a landing page that is focused only on getting traffic from that keyword to complete your desired action. With a separate landing page for different keyword groups you can increase your quality score and increase conversions which means every penny you spend on an ad generates more revenue for your business.

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