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Best Bail Bond Ads values helping clients save money as well as make money through quality online marketing services. In fact, we pride ourselves on helping our clients make a LOT more money. Our agency prices vary widely for all our services, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and inbound marketing services.

We start by working with you to establish realistic goals for your online marketing campaign. We will discuss what results might be possible and what sort of budget your company needs to spend to achieve the results you want.

For instance, assume your average client is worth $5000, and your company gets one new client every month. Best Bail Bond Ads does some research and finds that you can double that number and help you gain two new clients worth $10,000 per month if you spend $3000 as an example. You would probably be willing to do that. You might be less likely to do that if you could only increase the new client value to $7500 per month for two clients by spending that same $3000.

A goal does not guarantee success, but great research and analysis can help you develop realistic expectations to increase the chances of positive returns. There are no quick fixes in digital marketing. Regardless of the methods you use, your business should plan to invest for several months or even years. Some digital marketing methods like PPC work faster, whereas other strategies like SEO and inbound marketing take months of work but may produce higher returns in the long run.

What Does SEO Cost?

This is really two questions – how much does SEO cost and how much should your business spend on SEO services. Best Bail Bond Ads believes your SEO budget should be based on long-term goals because SEO is a longer term strategy. If your company needs to see a return on investment in just a few months in order to continue SEO efforts, then this is not the right marketing strategy for you.

SEO takes time. It is an investment in your business, not just a cost. The size of the investment depends on what sort of business you have, your current Internet presence, and what results you want to achieve from your SEO campaign. Once your company begins an SEO campaign, you will see results in both short and long-term gains.

There will be real results from optimizing site components, getting strong keywords and good site architecture, you will see increases in site traffic, improved inbound links, and a stronger site overall. However, there still is no way to predict a set price for SEO. There is no industry benchmark or average SEO price. You may invest in SEO for months or years before you reach the break-even point on your investment, but rest assured that this return has a very long-term value.

If your business depends on online traffic and leads, we believe SEO spending should be one of the budget items considered for your online marketing.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

Google makes approximately 98% of its revenue from paid advertising, so they are very invested in advertisers using this service. As a result, pay-per-click (PPC) has become one of the most useful advertising methods available. The costs are complicated to determine because click costs vary for every keyword, and there are huge discounts for keywords in play.

PPC is ideally based on both long and short-term goals for your business. It is possible to have much faster speed to market using PPC. There will be two main PPC components in your budget – the ad spend money you pay to the search engine, and the costs you pay to the agency to manage and optimize your ad spend account.

Every advertiser can set a budget as well as a maximum cost-per-click by keyword. Best Bail Bond Ads believes in starting every PPC campaign with smaller budgets, optimizing them and then increasing the ad spend as we see results. Other agencies may base costs on a percentage of ad spend, averaging around 20% of ad spend.

We prefer to base our costs on the amount of time we dedicate to optimizing your ad spend each month. We feel this aligns better with most business goals, as opposed to constantly pressuring your business to increase ad spends before we have the research and results to support that increase. Ad spend decisions must be based on search volume and competition, to ensure your business can collect the data it needs to make sound decisions and improve marketing campaign performance.

Remember that Google AdWords and other PPC-based systems are auction systems. Your ad position on the page is determined by how much your business will pay per click. Google rewards your business with discounted click costs if they determine you provide a better experience for the searcher. They use factors such as click through rate (CTR), account history, landing page quality, keyword relevancy, regional ad success, and ad success on targeted devices.

They convert this to a quality score and then multiply this by the maximum cost per click bid. This complex system determines your ad rank on the search page. Your ad can show up above your competitor’s, even if you are paying far less per click. For this reason, Best Bail Bond Ads can often help your business gain solid Return on Investment from many PPC campaigns.

It is also the reason it takes a few months to see a solid ROI, due to the need to test ad copy, landing page variations, keywords, which keywords are driving traffic and so forth. The process takes longer with smaller budgets, and there is no average ad spend amount for PPC. The right budget amount depends on your niche and market and the amount of clicks you want, the amount of testing and tracking you want to do.

PPC is still the best keyword research tool in existence because of the ability to research keyword effectiveness, turn keywords on and off at will, and instantly control every aspect of the marketing campaign. SEO and other methods simply cannot provide this level of control and intelligence. PPC gives your company solid information that it can use in SEO and other marketing efforts, which adds to its profitability.

How Much Does Inbound Marketing Cost?

Inbound marketing strategies best suit long-term budget goals. This strategy not only drives traffic to your site, it also increases the conversion rates of that traffic. Inbound marketing is a literal one-two punch to increase inbound leads because it turns traffic into sales.

Money alone does not dictate who is successful with inbound marketing. More value goes to developing relevant content and being genuine. In this way, inbound marketing campaigns have allowed smaller businesses to compete successfully with much larger corporations.

Inbound marketing lets businesses nurture leads from earlier stages in the buyer’s journey. We have to establish trust and credibility, establishing your site as a go-to resource within your niche. We spend more time finding your ideal buyers, learning to speak their language and providing them value.

We work to capture their attention and get them to take action. These steps are essential to formulate a powerful, effective inbound marketing strategy. Invest in inbound marketing so your business can learn about the people most likely to be involved in purchasing decisions and the steps they take to research, evaluate and ultimately decide to buy from you.

What sorts of content and topics keep them engaged with your site, and when and how should that content be delivered to keep them engaged and moving through the journey to becoming customers? How will you get your content in front of buyers and what are the best methods to optimize lead conversion rates?

Perhaps most importantly, Best Bail Bond Ads will work with you to define what success will look like and how you will measure progress towards your goals. Once these vital things are determined, we can help you grow brand awareness and determine an appropriate amount to commit to achieve the goals you have set.

With inbound marketing, your investment will determine what features, tools and content you have available to convert your audience.

All great marketing approaches costs money. The key is to ensure that it does not cost more than what it is worth in sales realized. Take the time to identify the opportunities for your business, the goals to achieve and what you are willing to do in order to see your goals become reality. When you work with Best Bail Bond Ads, you will see a positive ROI from your marketing dollars. We believe we can help make a measurable difference for your business.


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